I am available for Tarot readings via email, phone or in person.

Let me give you the spiel…

So I work with people usually with a long term focus.

TArot Journey.

We have an initial consultation and then we discuss the structure from there, this can include but not limited to ceremony, rituals, healing work, initiation through Skype calls, emails and one on one. It’s a journey tool. Payment is flexible. It comes down to how much you value your self development and how much you earn. A ball park is 130 dollars per hour for first consult and $70 per week if you sign up for a two month journey.   And $30 per week if you  sign up for six months. The absolute goal of this is to give you all the tools you need to be self reliant. 

Each month includes one or two face to face meetings, four skype calls and unlimited emails and phone calls. Custom co created rituals, mantras, ceremony or healing sessions.  It’s a way to keep aligned with your purpose and hold you in the frequency of progress.

TArot Consultations

Other wise if you want a one off consultation it’s around $70 per hour. It takes around two hours, but you are invited to pay what you can for any part.  Follow up consultations drop to $45 per hour.  So my friend if you would like to get the ball rolling?
Much respect.

Readings are personalised and intimate.   Brilliant for answering questions, finding guidance and revealing more about a current situation.

Students rates available.



My Pages about Tarot are a work in progress, if you want particular information about a card that is not on my website or more information about a card listed please feel free to contact me.  No charge for dialogue of this sort.



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